Work Projects

WP1 - Statistical profiles of women and men status in the economy, science and society Work Package 1

WP2 - Approaching innovative gender – input of women and men in innovativeness - Work Package 2

WP3 - Institutional support of innovative gender - Work Package 3

WP4 - Assessment of public policies for social progress in the context of innovative gender - Work Package 4

WP5 - Dissemination of research results and policy recommendations - Work Package 5


Gender Economics Global Conference Sydney 2014

10-11 June 2014

The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation, University of New South Wales


InnoGend Panel

Ewa Okon-Horodynska

Innovation, innovativeness and gender - approaching Innovative Gender The starting point for Innovative Gender research is the establishment of four dedicated matrixes containing information that describes a given area, taking into account gender issuer, with collaboration playing a major role.

Anna Zachorowska-Mazurkiewicz

Women in Transition – Institutional Changes in Poland and the situation of Polish Women The knowledge about mechanism of institutional change in the context of gender relations is helpful in designing policies aiming at promoting gender equality in societies as well as economies.

Rafal Wisla

Gender and Industrial Creativity in Poland A statistical picture of industrial creativity of men and women in Poland in the period of economic transformation, based on patent statistics.


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