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2015 The International Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM) 2015

Innovative Management Practices: Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century
Organized by The College of Business Administration at Abu Dhabi University in collaboration with Asia Academy of Management is organizing

Under The Patronage of H.E. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska & Tomasz Sierotowicz, Jagiellonian
University, Krakow, Poland
Gender-related differences in the use of social networks – selected aspects



2015 October 21-23 Women in Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Economic and Social Development


 Regional Conference was held in Uganda, 21~23, October, 2015. The theme of conference was “Women in Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Economic and Social Development”. Prof. dr hab. Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska, INWES board member, presented our research regarding Integrated Genome of Innovative Gender. The idea of the research was picked up by conference participants, and they are planning to conduct similar research I n their countries.


Prof. dr hab. Ewa Okoń-Horodyńska has been re-elected as an INWES board member.
President: Kong-Joo Lee (South Korea)
President elect: Liette Vasseur (AFFESTIM - Canada) Treasurer: Joan Graf (SWE - USA)
Secretary General: Margaret Ajibode (WES - UK)
Vice President: Gaił G. Mattson (AAAS - USA)
Vice President: Marlene Kanga (Engineers Australia - Australia) Vice President: Roseni Dearden (UK)

Board Members:
Durdana Habib (WESTIP - Pakistan, Central Asia)
Rufina Dabo Sarr (AFSTech/Senegal - Senegal, French Speaking Africa)
Claudia Bergbauer (DIB - Germany, Western Europe)
Caroline Thoruwa (AWSE - Kenya, English Speaking Africa) 
Ewa Okon-Horodynska (lndividual - Poland, Eastern Europę) 
Seong Ok Han (KWSE - South Korea, Far East Asia)
Kayoko Sugahara (INWES Japan - Japan, Far East Asia)
Aude Abena (AFISC - Cameroon, French Speaking Africa) Sangeeta Wij (WISE-India - India, South East Asia)
Chia-Li Wu (TWiST - Taiwan, Far East Asia)
Yvette Ramos (Swiss Engineering - Switzerland, Western Europę) 

INWES is a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), reaching over 60 countries worldwide. INWES is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Directors representing organization, corporate, University/Institute, and individual memberships. The International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) was established to strengthen the capacity of individuals, organisations, and corporations through education and professional development to encourage the participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) worldwide through an international network of organisations and experts.